2014: 3rd Annual ACISTE Conference

Therapeutic Issues of Spiritually Transformative Experiences

Dedicated in Memory of Christina Grof

Topics included:

  • Spiritual experiences: reality or delusion?
  • How are people differently affected, challenged or transformed by spiritual experiences?
  • How do different cultures deal with such experiences?
  • How are children affected by these experiences?
  • What are some possible explanations for these experiences?
  • What types of spiritually transformative experiences are there?
  • What are some therapeutic approaches?

2014 Presentations & Breakout Sessions

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Pre-Conference Workshop

Pre-Conference Workshop: Life Coaching Certification Training with Rosie Kuhn, PhD

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Pre-Conference Course Workshop

STE Theory 101 and Beyond: Basics and Clinical Implications

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Keynote Presentation: Tobin Hart, PhD

Regeneration in Peaks and Plateaus

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Main Session: Jon Klimo, PhD

Consciousness and Creativity in Spiritually Transformative Experiences

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Main Session: Janet Colli, PhD

From Trauma to Transcendence: Clinical Perspectives On An Evolutionary Process

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Main Session: Ryan Rominger, PhD

Integration Models for the STE

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Main Session: Tony Benning, MBChB MSC PGDip MRCPsych (UK) FRCPC

Patients’ disclosures of near death and other anomalous death-related experiences: Perspectives from a general psychiatric clinic.

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Main Session: Ryan Foster, PhD & Jan Holden, Ed.D.

Spontaneous Mediumship Experiences of Near-Death Experiencers

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Main Session: Jan Holden, Ed.D. & Lee Kinsey, M.S.

Near-death Experiencers’ Experiences of Disclosing their NDEs to Healthcare Professionals

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Breakout Session: Rosie Kuhn, PhD

The Value of Life Coaching in relation to STEs

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Breakout Session: Katrina Burgos, LCSW, ACMHP

Exploring Resistance to Spiritual Emergence

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Breakout Session: Elizabeth Sabet, PCC

The Healing Power of Supportive Community

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Breakout Session: Sarah Stoune, M.Ed., LPC

Assessing Religious & Spiritual Beliefs & Behaviors

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Breakout Session: Marie Grace Brook, LCSW, ACMHP

Research in Progress: Assisting in the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences, a Cross-Cultural Study

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Breakout Session: Alice W Lee, MD, ABIHM, ACMHP

The Spiritual Creation of Mental Health: A Holistic Psychiatrist’s Perspective

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Breakout Session: Jan Holden, Ed.D., LPC-S, LMFT, NCC, ACMHP

Two Recent Major Studies on After-Death Communication: Results and Implications for Clinical Practice

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