Breakout Session: Rosie Kuhn, PhD

The Value of Life Coaching in relation to STEs


The set of tools and skills found in life coaching focuses on five objectives:

  1. Clearly distinguishes the desired outcome. This outcome, or goal, is tangible and measurable and may be time sensitive;
  2. To distinguishes specific obstacles, usually in the form of beliefs and interpretations, which interfere with the experiencer manifesting what they say they want;
  3. To listen for the spoken commitment and the conflicting commitment; both of which are always present in any and every conversation where truth is wanting to be revealed;
  4. Distinguishes what needs to shift in order for the obstacles to be removed, and for the experiencer to have what they say they want.
  5. Requires the experiencer practice specific skills in order to shift what needs shifting, to remove the obstacles and have what they say they want.

These practices are intended to strengthen, stretch and increase the range of motion the experiencer requires to move powerfully towards that which he or she desires.

Presenter Bio

rosiekuhnDr. Rosie Kuhn is the creator of the Transformational Coaching Training Program, taught at Sofia University, Palo Alto, California, since 2001. She is a life and executive coach, and the author of many books, including, You Know You are Transforming When…, and Self-Empowerment 101, which is a culmination of her work as a life coach, marriage and family therapist, spiritual guide and trainer of Transformational Coaching. She has worked in the field of human development for over 30 years, including addictions and recovery, family violence and spiritual direction. She’s been a speaker at the New Living Expo in San Francisco for three years, and has been a guest on many radio shows around the country. She works internationally as a speaker, trainer and executive coach in Moscow, London and Tel Aviv.


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