2012: 1st Annual ACISTE Conference

Therapeutic Issues of Spiritually Transformative Experiences

Topics included:

  • Recognizing Spiritually Transformative Experiences in clinical practice
  • Spiritually Transformative Experiences vs. pathology
  • Changes, aftereffects and challenges following a spiritually transformative experience
  • Integration models of a Spiritually Transformative Experience
  • Spiritually Transformative Experiences throughout history
  • Diversity of content, cross-cultural and subpopulations of experiencers
  • Experiencer perspectives/needs assessments (case studies, study results)
  • Clinical approaches and issues

2012 Presentations & Breakout Sessions

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Keynote Speaker: David Lukoff, Ph.D.

Recognizing Spiritually Transformative Experiences In Clinical Practice

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Main Session: Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

Spiritually Transformative Experiences That Have Changed History

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Main Session: Cheryl Fracasso, PhD

Near-Death Experiences: Implications for Clinical Practice

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Main Session: Karen Herrick, PhD, LCSW, LMSW, CADC

Jungian Interpretation Of Spiritual Experiences

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Main Session: Audrey Lehmann, PhD LMFT

The Trauma/Transcendence Interface: The Convergence of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Transcendent Experiences

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Main Session: Jan Holden, Ed.D., LPC-S, LMFT, NCC

After-Math: Counting The Aftereffects Of STEs

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Breakout Session: Barbara Harris Whitfield, RT, CMT

A Map Of The Integration Process: With Tools For Navigating The Journey

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Breakout Session: Rozan Christian, PhD

Marital Adjustment And Stability After The Near-Death Experience Of One Of The Spouses

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Breakout Session: V. Quinton Wacks, PhD

Soul Making in the Classroom of Life and Beyond

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Breakout Session: Jen Moores, PhD

Childhood NDE & STE and Psychotherapy

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Breakout Session: Jennifer Elam, PhD

Children’s Spiritually Transformative Experiences: Implications For Teachers, Parents And School Psychologists

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Breakout Session: Lupita Kirklin, PhD MS

The Near-Death Experience as a Spiritually Transformative Experience: An Alchemical and Jungian Point of View

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