Breakout Session: Barbara Harris Whitfield, RT, CMT

A Map Of The Integration Process: With Tools For Navigating The Journey


Barbara Harris Whitfield will present a psycho-dynamic map or model of transcendence using relationships to move people up levels of consciousness towards full integration.

“Level 1, Conflict, is the victim role where humans have been bumping around forever. This map then points us up to Level 2, Co-commitment, where we realize we don’t have to accept painful and often disabling conflict in relationships anymore and the Empowered Self emerges. We transcend either/or thinking and move up to both/and thinking which allows for infinite choices. Then the Empowered Self of Level 2 is transformed into Level 3, Co-creation where we become partners with a Higher Power. We sense the flow and perfection of this Higher Power in our life, we act in ways that creatively manifest our now expanded intent, and we love unconditionally while we do it. Level 4, Unity includes and expands our awareness of what we call our Sacred Person: True Self, Higher Self and Higher Power or God. When we are totally alive and no longer need to spend any energy living from an ego or false self, living as our Soul or Sacred Person is Level 4. When we ask for help at this level, it comes almost immediately in ways we couldn’t have predicted. This help comes with integrity and tenderness. We are flooded with knowledge about ourselves, the other person or the relationship. This appears like a Life Review. We see the bigger picture. And we trust this Divine Energy to work in others as it is working in us.”

Presenter bio

Barbara Harris Whitfield’s post-operative near-death experience (NDE) in 1975 transformed her from a materially-oriented housewife and mother into a spiritual crusader. She went back to college to become a healthcare professional, studied NDE aftereffects with Bruce Greyson in the 1980s, became the first woman elected to the IANDS Board of Directors (including a term on the executive board), co-founded one of the longest-running Friends of IANDS support groups, embraced the “Child Within” model of spiritual development and applied it to NDErs, taught college courses in psychospiritual recovery from trauma and addiction, and published five books, numerous articles and chapters in other books on spiritual growth. She is a faculty member of the Center for Sacred Studies where she and Dr. Whitfield teach a module on Unity in Practice to graduating two year students becoming ordained Ministers of Prayer.

Barbara was a prime subject in Kenneth Ring’s Heading Toward Omega. He wrote about her again in Lessons From the Light. Her most recent offering, The Natural Soul, pulls together her life’s work into an insightful and practical guide to living from our Soul rather than our ego. This book is not about an instantaneous spiritual transformation that occurred when Whitfield awoke from her NDE 35 years ago. It is rather about a gradual accumulation of insights, a spiritual journey that was initiated, in her case, by the NDE, but which evolved over decades. Barbara is a board member and past president of the Kundalini Research Network. She is in private practice with Charles Whitfield MD in Atlanta Georgia. They assist adults in individual and group psychotherapy that were repeatedly traumatized as children and others who are having trouble with living. They also counsel spiritual seekers. To learn more go to

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