Main Session: Jan Holden, Ed.D., LPC-S, LMFT, NCC

After-Math: Counting The Aftereffects Of STEs


In the aftermath of transpersonal experiences – those that transcend the usual personal limits of space and/or time – people often manifest any of a number of changes. In this presentation, these changes will be categorized as primarily psychological, spiritual, physical, or social. This holistic bio-psycho-socio-spiritual perspective prepares both experiencers and their healthcare providers to understand and respond therapeutically to these changes associated with transpersonal transformation.

Presenter Bio

After earning her doctorate in counselor education in 1988, Jan Holden came from Illinois to join the counseling program faculty at the University of North Texas in Denton, just north of Dallas/Fort Worth, where she now is professor of counseling and chair of the Department of Counseling and Higher Education. Her primary specialization is the transpersonal perspective in counseling, which addresses the counseling implications of experiences that transcend the usual limits of space and/or time, and their associated developmental potential. In particular, she has researched near-death experiences (NDEs), with over 30 journal articles, chapters, and presentations on the topic. Since 2000, Jan has served six years on the Board of Directors of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), three of those years as the Association’s President; first-authored Near-Death Experiences: Index to the Periodical Literature through 2005, an online research tool available at the IANDS web site; authored Near-Death Experiences, Part 1: Recognizing a Pleasurable Near-Death Experience, an online continuing education program available at the IANDS Website; lead-edited The Handbook of Near-Death Experience: Thirty Years of Investigation (2009, Praeger), in which leading researchers in the field of near-death studies provided comprehensive, critical reviews of all NDE-related research through 2005; and serves currently as the editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies. Jan leads a monthly support and interest group in Lewisville, a suburb north of Dallas, for people who have had near-death and/or other transpersonal experiences or who have personal or professional interest in such experiences. Jan is a Texas Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, Texas Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and National Certified Counselor.

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