Breakout Session: Jen Moores, PhD

Childhood NDE & STE and Psychotherapy


This presentation is for mental health professionals to learn about current research with adult childhood near-death experiencers (NDErs) and psychotherapy. In addition, content and types of psychotherapy were explored with the adult childhood NDEr to learn what they believed would be helpful with their NDE integration process. The relationship between psychotherapy and current wellness functioning was examined, as well as the relationship between psychological integration of NDE and current wellness. Spiritually transformative experiences (STE) were discussed in the outcome of the results.

Presenter bio

Jen Moores, PhD, is a Post Doctoral Psychologist in training at Psychological ARTS in Austin, TX. In addition to clinical work, Dr. Moores is an adjunct professor for Alliant International University where she teaches Social Psychology online to graduate students in China and California. Dr. Moores has a PhD in Eco-Systemic Child Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology Program at Alliant International University. Dr. Moores has a master’s degree from Texas State University in Professional Counseling and an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Texas A & M University. Dr. Moores conducted her dissertation research on “Childhood Near-Death Experiences and Psychotherapy.” Dr. Moores received the California Mental Health Services Act fellow award based on this research with spirituality and psychotherapy. Other research interests include researching the efficacy of sandtray and spirituality utilized with pediatric patients as a mind-body complimentary approach for relieving depression. Dr. Moores research interests stems from her personal experience of having a NDE at the age of 8 while hospitalized for an intestinal virus. Before becoming a psychologist, Dr. Moores was a master’s level therapist in Texas working with women and children who experienced physical and sexual abuse. Dr. Moores specializes with conducting psychological evaluations, designing treatment plans, and facilitating child and family therapy sessions utilizing spirit based interventions, Jungian and attachments theories. Dr. Moores is committed to working with children and their families to assist psychological integration and enhancement of spiritually transformative experiences.

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