What’s new at ACISTE? Watch CrazyWise!

Dear Friends of ACISTE:

It is a pleasure to announce the publication of our first newsletter for 2017. Online-Town-Hall-INSTAGRAM-TSEND-01The monthly issue will feature valuable research and critical perspectives true to our mission to better understand, support, and skillfully respond to the needs of experiencers, clients, community members, and perhaps even yourself!

Each issue will feature an in-depth article relevant to working with STEs. Throughout the year, we hope to expand awareness, challenge assumptions, and offer practical suggestions and insights to enhance skills and expertise. As our community grows, the newsletter also serves to foster important dialogue between practitioners and experiencers, as we all strive to further the well-being of those who are integrating powerfully life-changing events like near-death and other spiritually transformative experiences.

This month ACISTE president, Yolaine Stout, reflects on the circumstances and research findings that led her to found the organization in this post. We’re also excited to let you know that ACISTE is a sponsor of the free, online town hall discussion about the new documentary, CrazyWise. We invite you to register for this March 22nd event as soon as possible. When you register, you will be provided with a link to stream the film at your leisure. Recently I had a delightful conversation with filmmaker Phil Borges, whose passion for fostering our understanding of the spiritual dimensions of challenging psychological states is expressed in this important documentary.

Your feedback and participation are welcome here. Let us know how we can improve our monthly offerings by sending us your thoughts. If you have a great idea for an article you’d like to write, an author or researcher whose work you’d like to learn more about, or a clinical vignette or reflection to share, let’s talk!

Dina Varano

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ACISTE has completed the pilot phase for support groups and is gearing up to offer training to facilitators nationwide. If you have had a spiritually transformative experience and would like to either attend or facilitate a group, please send an email to indicating your interest and location in the United States here.