Breakout Session: Valerie Keating, MA, PsyD, LPC

Building A Bridge Between Heaven and Earth: Helping Clients To Reground and Reorganize As A Human/Spirit Hybrid


Although STEs can be catalysts for dramatic positive change, many pose difficult challenges for the experiencer. According to Atwater, it takes a minimum of seven years for people to integrate the aftereffects of NDEs. Providing specialized support can facilitate and enhance the integration process. STE clients can especially benefit from “regrounding” and building a new, expanded identity as a human/spirit hybrid. Helping the client to reorganize and reframe experiences from this perspective increases their coping and decreases their sense of alienation, confusion and stress. The presenter will share her multi-step “BRIDGE” technique and concepts she has utilized to help clients not only adjust but also thrive following a transformative event.

Presenter Bio

Valerie Keating is a licensed clinician with a master’s and doctoral degree in Clinical and Health Psychology.She has worked for over twenty five years as a therapist and consultant in colleges, hospitals, mental health centers, and private practice. Valerie blends traditional theories and techniques from numerous psychology disciplines with her expert knowledge and utilization of research and practices from alternative areas including Psychospiritual Psychology and Energy Medicine.

A pivotal moment in her personal and professional life came when she trained in a rehabilitation hospital with a number of patients who reported phenomena such as leaving their bodies, having near-death experiences, and seeing family members who were deceased. Their accounts led her to research near-death experiences and write her dissertation about NDE aftereffects and psychotherapy issues.
Following graduate school, Valerie began to have personal spiritual transformative experiences which furthered her interest in psychospirituality and led her to integrate numerous alternative healing modalities in her work with clients. Some of the areas she has studied include out-of-body experiences, reincarnation, past-life regression, the after-life (life in between lives), soul-based healing, intuition, consciousness, and Energy Psychology.

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