Main Session: Laurie Levin, Psy.D

Experiential Reenactment of the Moonview Model of the Power of Group Interaction


Treating the inherent complexity and uniqueness of each individual dealing with his or her singular spiritually transformative experience requires the coming together of a collaborative and group dynamic to provide aggregated wisdom.

We will demonstrate the unexpected resources triggered by spontaneous interaction to the congregation of different voices adapting in the moment to new client revelations and other discipline perspectives. Come witness a string of unrehearsed Eureka moments unveiling exquisite correlations and non-obvious solutions!

Presenter Bio

In 1977 Dr. Levin launched her career at what was to become one of Hollywood’s premier talent agencies, Creative Artists Agency. There she was responsible for signing such celebrities as Michael Keaton, Madonna, Michael Jackson and others. She left CAA in 1985 to begin her own film production company.

After almost 20 years in show business she made the bold move to follow her true calling as a psychologist. Her transforming breakthrough came as her mother was dying of cancer. With a recognition that death is simply a passage way to the next life, she helped her mother find peace and comfort in her transition. Profoundly affected by this experience, Dr. Levin was inspired to return to school to obtain her doctorate with the intention to explore new frontiers of health, wellness and spirituality.

Remaining true to that pledge, Dr. Levin founded Moonview Sanctuary, a highly respected treatment and research institute, in 2004. Each Moonview program was created through the careful integration of modern medicine, psychology and neuroscience, together with ancient knowledge and healing spiritual practices from around the world. Drawing on her belief in a collaborative team approach while focusing on the uniqueness of each individual, she brought together over 65 practitioners to share their knowledge and initiate new modalities for the customized care of each client.

As an extension of the Moonview Model, Dr. Levin and her husband, Jerry Levin, co-founded The Levin Center for Parkinson’s Transformational Health.

In 2009, HCI published her award winning memoir, God, The Universe, and Where I Fit In, illustrating her spiritual journey of transformation through intuition. On November 17, 2015, Dr. Levin’s newest book, Life In Life, was published by BenBella Books. Life In Life is designed as a personal meditation journal providing guidance for living longer, strengthening relationships and creating a healthier life. Dr. Levin has appeared as an expert on The Today Show, as well as other television programs.

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