Main Session: Bruce Davis, PhD

The Challenge of Depression After A Spiritual Awakening


How does one live a full and meaningful life after experiencing a spiritual awakening? In modern culture and life we are challenged to integrate how human we are and how divine we are. Our failure to accept and cherish our very human and divine self can lead to depression Awakening experiences can leave us vulnerable and overly heart full in our very mental and judgmental world. Bruce will share the cornerstones of a life opened to a vastness of spiritual intimacy while living in the world of seemingly endless separateness and competition. Instead of being overwhelmed or constantly trying to manage life, our spiritual awakening can be embraced and expanded, providing a path of simple joy and much purpose and meaning. Bruce shares many valuable tools to lessen our mental weights while opening the gifts of our spiritual heart.

Presenter Bio

Bruce Davis, PhD

Bruce Davis, PhD, has had experiences of spiritual awakening since 1974 when he began a four year apprenticeship with an Eskimo Shaman who at will entered his dreams and took him of spiritual journeys. Since that time he has lived with psychic healers in the Philippines, teachers and communities in Assisi Italy, Puttaparti India, Bali exploring and facing the many challenges of spiritual awakening in modern culture and life. Bruce is the author of several books including The Magical Child within You, Monastery without Walls, The Calling of Joy, and has been leading retreats worldwide since 1983. He has a gift for supporting people to develop and enjoy living in the sanctuary of the heart. Along with his wife Ruth Davis, Bruce created the Assisi Retreat Hermitage in Assisi, Italy which received worldwide acclaim as one of the top ten meditation retreats in the world by CNN. Today he is retreat leader at near Napa, California offering retreats of heart full silence to explore and expand experiences of spiritual awakening.

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