Breakout Session: Marie Grace Brook PhD(c), LCSW, ACMHP, ACSGC

Design of the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences Inventory Survey (ISTEI)


This presentation will describe in detail the design of the ISTEI Survey (Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences Inventory Survey) presently online and collecting data for the research study currently underway. Until now, clinical recommendations for interventions and self-help practices have been purported by individual clinicians who base their knowledge upon client interface within their own private practices. To date, no comprehensive evidenced-based research has been done. The ISTEI is an answer to this need. It comprises my doctoral research and will produce a study to discover which practices, habits, and behaviors assist people in successfully integrating spiritually transformative experiences (STEs). Through creation and distribution of the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences Inventory (ISTEI), I seek to explore validation of accepted wisdom among authorities in the field of clinical recommendations to assist experiencers. To create the survey, several aspects had to be addressed, which take on the challenge of this growing diverse and continually refined field of inquiry: (1) creation of appropriate definition of STE; (2) examination of parameters of integration; (3) additional instruments used for screening level of integration; (4) referencing authorities in the field to create the inventory; (5) organization of the 84-item inventory; and (6) generalized summary of data collection to date.

Presenter Bio

MarieGraceBrookMarie Grace Brook, PhD(c), LCSW, ACMHP, ACSGC holds a BA from Duke University, MSW from Denver University, Masters Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Fordham University, and is presently completing dissertation research at Sofia University (formerly Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She has worked as a mountain guide, healing artist (Rolfer and craniosacral therapist), hospice social worker, graduate school adjunct teacher, and researcher. Her papers have been published in NASW’s Children & Schools, SDI’s Presence, and ITA’s International Journal of Transpersonal Studies. In 2015 she presented research studies at the American Psychological Association Div. 36 Mid-Year Conference in the USA, at the International Congress for Complementary and Integrative Medicine Research in South Korea, at the European Transpersonal Assoc Conference in Italy, at the International Transpersonal Conference for Education and Humanities in Indonesia, and at the International Transpersonal Psychology Conference in Brazil. Her current research inquires into methods of integrating spiritually transformative experiences through an internet survey and through cross-cultural interviewing of psychologists, spiritual teachers and indigenous healers in Indonesia. Marie lives in Santa Cruz and hosts Jasmine Garden Oasis Retreat House with her husband, Peter.

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