Breakout Session: Marcie Klevens

The American Shaman’s Journey to Spiritual Emergence Through Contact with Beings From An Unseen World


There are many different roads that lead us to spiritual transformation. The road I took was off the beaten path. I will present my own journey of spiritual emergence through lifelong contact with beings that seem to come from non-ordinary reality or the invisible realm that exists around us. I will describe my ontological struggle to grasp what was happening to me, as I was dragged, sometimes screaming, into their realm of the unseen. My story has evolved like a modern shamanic initiation, which facilitated a shift in my consciousness and the way I perceive the world. I have learned how to integrate these two realities to become whole again. It is this journey to wholeness and integration that I believe holds many of the keys to our evolution as a species. My journeys ultimately led me to a spiritual awakening and an opening of consciousness that has given me entry into an unseen world that is teeming with life. Please join me as I discuss my evolution through fear, shock, denial, acceptance and finally integration, which ultimately lead to my spiritual transformation.

Presenter Bio


Marcie Klevens, MA, LMHCA, is a psychotherapist in private practice in Seattle, Washington who earned her masters in clinical psychology at Saybrook University. One of her specializations is working with people having paranormal encounters. Marcie believes in the transformative nature of these and many other non-ordinary experiences because she herself is a lifelong “experiencer.” With determination she was able to move through the fear and into empowerment and it is her mission to help others do the same. She has facilitated the Washington State Paranormal/UFO Encounter Support Group for the last three years and believes in the need for community through these life-changing encounters.

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