Judith Miller, PhD

judithpixforwebJudith Miller Ph.D., a professor of developmental psychology at Columbia University, has spent her life and career bridging the two worlds of mainstream psychology and spirituality. Judith has provided clinical supervision to hundreds of psychotherapists and graduate psychology students. She has consistently received the “Outstanding Teacher” award at Columbia in response to her course “Spiritual Development Across the Lifespan.”

In the last decade, Judith has conducted her own clinical research with several hundred psychotic individuals residing at public mental health residential facilities. Results have shown that patients dramatically improve when they are assisted in integrating the spiritual meaning of their hallucinations and delusions. These findings have enabled her to both question the legitimacy of psychiatric diagnoses and to also provide training to therapists employed at numerous psychiatric facilities across the U.S. and in Europe.

More than twenty years ago, Judith began to have spontaneous mystical experiences that ultimately led to experiences of Christ Consciousness. There was nothing in her background that prepared her for these experiences: she was a traditionally trained psychologist working clinically with persons diagnosed psychotic and schizophrenic, an agnostic, and a Jew. A search for an explanation led to her discovery that all spiritual traditions have the same mystical roots and meaning. She has utilized this understanding for her own personal process and for the psycho-spiritual processes of her clients and students.

Since this time, she has been personally exploring and professionally investigating spiritual consciousness, as well as teaching and clinically working with many hundreds of people who travel a spiritual path. For the last eleven years, she and Dr.Ingo Jahrsetz have been conducting Holotropic Breathwork retreats, working together with children and grandchildren of Nazis and Jews, who continue to suffer guilt, shame, and rage some sixty years after the Holocaust of World War II. Together, they are now co-facilitating a 3-year transpersonal psychology training program for an international group of therapists in Germany.

Judith’s first book Direct Connection: Transformation of Consciousness, which documents her own spiritual path of discovery, won a finalist award in the 2001 Independent Publisher Book Awards. Additionally, in the book Barefoot on Holy Ground: Twelve Lessons in Spiritual Craftsmanship, Judith was on a list of 12 modern-day “disciples” who exemplify the ripening of spiritual inquiry in the 21st century. She is also certified as a transpersonal psychotherapist by Eurotas (European Transpersonal Association). She has been on the national Board of Directors of IANDS, the Kundalini Research Network, as well as TRIS, a non-profit community mental health center comprised of a population of individuals with serious mental illness. She currently is completing her second book called Spiritual Homecoming: Finding “The Way”.


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