Sandy: What I learned…

What I learned from my spiritually transformative experiences and afterwards: **

“15 years after my first STE, I started to receive insights about God, creation and our world from an otherworldly dimension. It is as difficult for me to explain this phenomenon as it is to express my STE because our vocabulary simply cannot clearly describe ethereal insights. I hope that you will forgive me if my expressions fall short of explaining it adequately enough for you to understand. I wish to make the disclaimer that the following is my conclusion that I have come to, from my own understanding, after all of my lifetime experiences and insights thus far. I submit this contribution in hopes to help other people understand what I learned through my near-death-like-experience and other phenomena.

I discovered many things that answered many questions about God and the reason for things. I honestly don’t have the intelligence to make up these answers or to give myself these visual effects. I felt awe struck as I watched this information unfold so that I viewed it from a mystical “third eye” that I didn’t know I had before. I saw creation take place from a mystical perspective from within a consciousness before there was form and shape. I was an observer of this consciousness and I perceived a conversation of a conscious mind about what it wanted to do before doing it.

I saw that our world was planned through a Divine Creator and yet the process of evolution was a part of that planning. This consciousness thought everything through from beginning to an ending purpose. I observed that while this consciousness was pleased with its “perfection of peace” it also wanted to love and move. It was perfect and “tranquil stillness” as it is, and yet it wanted involvement and interaction with life. It wanted to share all that it is with life. (I don’t feel right calling this an “It” so think about “it” as being an abbreviation of a living Intelligence.)

But there was something special in having another “being-ness” who chooses to love and interact with this Divine Consciousness without being made to do it through force. This consciousness wanted life to choose to want a communion with “It” because It wanted to share all that It is with us. I felt its desire to nurture and to express itself. This became the feminine Consciousness and yet it was not separated from the masculine Consciousness which was content as It is. This consciousness wanted something similar to Itself that had its own freedom of expression and the ability to think for itself, and yet It knew that we couldn’t be exactly like this Divine Consciousness or we wouldn’t become a different “being-ness”. It was like separating a drop of water from an ocean except that the ocean had no boundary. How could this Divine Consciousness make another entity that was so much like Him/Herself and yet not be Him/Her?

This consciousness thought of the epitome of us before the formation of the universe and all that is on our planet. I will now call this consciousness “God” to make it easier for me to explain. God has the power to force people to follow His guidance, but He doesn’t want to force His power against our will. There can be no absolute control over people if we were given free will and as was revealed to me, God did not want to take away our free will and freedom of choice. God remains hidden to this realm and many people have a problem believing in His existence. He stays hidden to permit us freedom of our choices, even about belief in Him! God certainly is not forcing people to believe anything, otherwise we would all see and hear Him dictating His absolute authority each moment of our life. God did not want that for us and so to see religions trying to coerce people to follow their scriptures goes against the will of God. God only intervened to give us guidance through inspiration because He foresaw people making bad choices with their freedom and where it would take them. He only intervenes enough to get us back on track and then lets us live our lives as we choose, and yet He hopes that we make good choices.

He permits us the freedom to pursue our destiny according to the level of our ability and at our own pace of comprehension. Perfect love does not dictate authority and God is perfect in every way. Perfect love respects the rights of another person’s will while teaching and guiding with care, compassion, understanding and tolerance. Isn’t it logical that since God is all-knowing that He would be tolerant and understanding of our weaknesses and mistakes? Wouldn’t He understand why each of us does as we do?

God created in diversity so that we could be uniquely whomever we wanted to be in freedom, although He hoped that we would choose to follow the path of goodness along the way so that we would live in harmony. Unfortunately with freedom of will, there was always that vice which permits us to decide our path between what is good or bad for us, healthy or harmful. As I observed the vision of human spiritual evolution, I saw that people migrate toward likenesses of themselves because they conflict with their opposition and they seek harmony with their own soul’s identity. Those who migrate toward God’s attributes are lead toward His path of unconditional love and philanthropic views, while those who migrate away are lead down the path of harming others and ultimately harming themselves.

Each person is responsible to learn the delicate balance to use our own free will without crossing over the line to infringe on the rights of others or to intentionally bring them harm. Each person has the freedom to choose the way which guides their life. As more and more men were inclined towards corruption, there evolved the need to give guidance to mankind to try to guide us back to the path of goodness. This is why so many people received divine inspiration which formed different religions throughout the world. The dilemma is that the guidance that He inspired is difficult for men to comprehend because we are not perfect beings. Therefore our interpretations are not perfect.

To know God is one of our choices. He wanted us to choose to follow His guidance because our heart agreed with it. He wanted us to choose to know Him. But to know Him was also to evolve toward His likeness. The problem is that we can’t be His exact likeness or we won’t be our own individual being. We need our own identity. So He concealed Himself so that we would not see Him as He is until we chose to embrace Him because our heart loved what He is.

I want to point out that during my NDLE, I saw God as a masculine Deity and I was even permitted to embrace Him. But during these visual revelations, I didn’t “see” a God of form. This is because my transcendent vision was prior to God manifesting Himself as a visual Deity. In the spirit, we have access to God and God is not bound to the past, present or future. It was through this spiritual connection or communion that I perceived this explanation from a prior state. This is why I don’t have a problem with other people discovering God in a different concept or form. God is a Consciousness that emanates His attributes into life. Each and every plant, rock and creature has an attribute that is God’s. Each life form has varying degrees of God’s attributes and characteristics. But to give us our own individual being-ness that was unique, He designed each thing with its own unique characteristics. As life forms evolve, or expand upwards to contain more and more characteristics of God’s attributes, life forms have more abilities and hold more and more of God’s purity.”

“Now we see only puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we shall see face to face. My knowledge now is partial; then it will be whole, like God’s knowledge of me.” 1 Corinthians 13:12

“For all that may be known of God by men lies plain before their eye; indeed God himself has disclosed it to them. His invisible attributes, that is to say his everlasting power and deity, have been visible, ever since the world began, to the eye of reason, in the things he has made.” Romans 1:19-20

”[I pray that God] may give you the spiritual powers of wisdom and vision, by which there comes knowledge of him. I pray that your inward eyes may be illumined, so that you may know what is the hope to which he calls you.” Ephesians 1:17-23

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